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The Whive Protocol
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It is 22/02/2022 slightly over 2 years since the Whive Blockchain and Network went live on 02/02/2020 and as you can now tell, we love these symmetrical dates to make crucial updates.

Towards to a Green Future

The Whive Community has grown from a few hundred members 2 years ago to over 10,000 on all our socials; notably Telegram, Discord and Twitter.

Subsequently, this has lead to an increase of nodes and miners to an estimated 100 increasing the distribution of the Whive Network to 20 plus countries around the World.

What is even more encouraging is we have seen many new miners setup Laptop or Raspberry PI computers which is providing crucial “network layer” data to assist in optimization of the protocol’s Yespower consensus algorithm.

In this regard we have the following announcements to make:

1. Roadmap Update

The Whive Core Developers are happy to announce that the Whive Core roadmap is nearing completion this year with only 2 major consensus updates to ensure the Whive protocol is fully optimized to support small-processor (CPU) based Proof-of-Work mining for the foreseeable future.

1.1 Version 2.22 Taproot Release

This release shall allow for better smart-contracts on the Whive Blockchain and will not require a hard-fork.

1.2 Whivenet & Bitcoin fork

This is a clone network that shall be released on Version 3.XX that will contain bitcoin UTXOs to allow Bitcoiners to claim an equivalent to the bitcoins in existence on the Whive Blockchain.

Whivenet shall also contain fixes to the Yespower Consensus algorithm to punish nodes with higher cores and that are deployed on server farms.

Node Validators and Miners shall signal whether Whivenet shall be partially or fully merged onto main-net through a hard fork.

2. Tools Update

In order to assist the community make these final updates on our roadmap, the following tools built by the CoinTest AI R&D team are now available.

2.1 The Whive Calculator

Visit the Whive Mining Calculator, click here

2.2 The Whive Explorer One

This explorer allows you to view the transaction and node data on the Whive Blockchain transparently.

2.2.1 Movement of UTXOs on the Whive blockchain, click here

2.2.2 Network of miners across the World, click here

2.2.3 Top 100 Hodlers or Rich List, click here

2.2.4 Market volume of listed Exchanges, click here

2.2.5 API for data on the Explorer, click here

2.3 The Whive Explorer Two

The second Whive explorer has some cool features which include:

2.3.1 Check Node Status , click here

2.3.2 Check Block Stats, click here

2.3.3 Check Block Analysis text, click here

2.3.4 Check Mining Summary, click here

2.3.5 Check Transaction Stats, click here

2.3.6 Check Mempool Summary, click here

2.3.7 Check Difficulty History, click here

2.3.8 Browse Blocks, click here

2.3.9 Browse Pending Tx, click here

2.3.10 Check Peers, click here

2.3.11 Check API, click here

2.4 The Whive Mining Pool by

Mining Pool Workers Ranking

Visit the mining pool, click here

2.5 The Whive Telegram and Discord Nyuki Butler Bot

The Whive Telegram and Discord has a helper bot with over 50 commands to assist you navigate the various tools and applications created by the community.

3. Wallets, DEX & Exchanges listings

3.1 Atomic DEX

Whive has been added to the AtomicDex Wallet and DEX platform and will be available in the next release of the application. Visit AtomicDEX, click here.

AtomicDEX Wallet you can Send and Receive $WHIVE
You can Swap $WHIVE on AtomicDEX

3.2 DexTrade Exchange

Whive on Dex-Trade Exchange

Whive has been listed on the Dex-Trade Exchange, click here

3.3 P2PB2B Exchange

Whive has been listed on the P2PB2B Exchange, click here

3.4 Whive listings on exchange data aggregators

Whive on

Whive is now on CoinMarketCap to view the listing, click here. Whive is also on Nomics, Coingecko, CoinPaprika and Coinbase data aggregators.

4. Applications built on Whive

The Whive protocol and platform has had the following applications built on it:

4.1 Blockchain Publications and Suite of Tools for Whive


4.2 Melanin.Solar a Distributed Energy peer-to-peer(p2p) marketplace

Visit Melanin.Solar

We look forward to a Green Future where more exciting tools and applications being built on the Whive protocol and blockchain.

Whive is aimed at solving the renewable energy problem by allowing for distributed energy applications especially in regions of the World that have high Solar Reliability Indices(SRIs) such as South East Asia(SEA) and Africa.

The blockchain would further reward people who take advantage of renewables such as solar using the protocols consensus algorithm.

The Whive protocol is supporting needed solutions such as Melanin Solar which is driving the distributed solar energy Markets, which has a potential size of $10 trillion globally. In Africa alone, about 500,000 households are the initial target of this solution.

This is an untapped market of over 600 million people that has not been developed. The community is already developing applications such as the Melanin Smart Box (MSBX); This MSBX solution will enable efficient solar micro-grid eco-systems to be deployed across our target markets.

The Whive protocol is also powering which is a metaverse dedicated to the principles of sustainability. The “Nyukiaverse” is inspired by the inner workings of bees(Nyuki). The bee is a symbol of gentle and aggressive strength, a global icon for sustainable activities, biodiversity conservation, economical efficiency, and ecological integrity.

The HaPeeBees are an endearing collection of non-fungible tokens with built-in programmable location-specific incentives), optimized to favour places with a higher solar reliability index, a property found only on the Whive Protocol and Blockchain.

Obtaining your HaPeeBee NFT will assist underprivileged communities in gaining access to clean energy, developing resilient livelihoods, promoting ecological protection, and accelerating the spread of renewable energy.

Using their CPU power to mine $WHIVE coins, players shall soon be able to mint their own NFTs unlocking more indigenous HaPeeBees in the Nyukiaverse. Nyukia NFTs shall also be used as coupons to redeem purchase discounts for the MSBX solution in 2023., is also launching a Play 2 Earn Trivia game where you can answer questions on Whive and other important cryptos and earn $WHIVE see


Tools, applications and services mentioned on this blog utilize the Whive protocol and Blockchain. Thus they should be vetted, tested and used in their own right! This blog post is intended for informational purposes ONLY. To read the full disclaimer, click here.



The Whive Protocol

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