Guide on encrypting & backing up your Whive wallet!

The Whive Protocol
2 min readJul 21, 2021
Encrypt your Wallet!

Securely storing your Whive wallet can be nerve-wracking experience for any newbie. In the early days, many people lost their bitcoins by not securing and backing up their wallets and/or private keys to their Bitcoin wallets.

Here is a simple guide on how to avoid making the same mistake!

Once you open the Whive wallet(Download Here) follow the instructions below to backup and encrypt:

1: Open >> Settings >> Encrypt Wallet — (Enter a Secure Passphrase that you will never forget)

Enter a Strong Passphrase

If you forget the password you shall never be able to recover your funds as it encrypts the keys.

Once the password is successfully saved it will shutdown your wallet you will need to open the wallet again to backup.

2: Open >> File >> Backup Wallet — ( You can chose a secure folder where you will store the wallet.dat file, for convenience you can also rename it My_Whive_Wallet_Backup.dat for example)

Backup the Whive Wallet to a Secure location.

Do not backup the wallet without encrypting it as anyone who finds it will be able to retrieve your keys and funds.

If you are VERY confident about the passphrase strength you can now backup the .dat file on a dedicated Virus/Malware free USB device (Cold Storage) or on a Secure Virus/Malware free server (Cloud Storage) or both at your own RISK!



The Whive Protocol

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