Embracing the Future: Celebrating the First Halving and Unveiling Version 22.2.2 of the Whive Protocol

The Whive Protocol
3 min readMar 11, 2024
Whive Halving Party!

As the vibrant Whive community continues to flourish and expand, our unwavering commitment to the foundational vision and design of the Whive Protocol stands stronger than ever. It’s with a spirit of renewed dedication to our core values that we are thrilled to announce the release of Version 22.2.2, a landmark update that not only reaffirms our allegiance to the protocol’s original intentions but also marks a significant milestone in our journey towards long-term sustainability.

Celebrating Our First Milestone: The Halving at Block 210,000

In our quest to preserve the integrity and original blueprint of the Whive Protocol, we’ve recently celebrated a monumental event at block 210,000 (see on explorer). This was not just an adjustment; it was the protocol’s first halving event, unfolding exactly as envisioned. Let’s delve into the details of this significant block:

  • Date and Time: The halving occurred precisely on February 29 at 17:36 UTC, a moment now etched in our collective memory.
  • UTXO Change: The halving led to a net increase of 3 in the UTXO set, with an additional 238 bytes, ensuring the continued liquidity and spendability of Whive coins.
  • Block Weight and Size: With a weight of 1,156 wu and a size of 316 B, block 210,000 stands as a lightweight yet significant block in our blockchain, embodying the efficiency and elegance of the Whive Protocol.
  • Miner: The honors of mining this historical block went to the address Wd8bhXkoH85xKazYqhygZUXQyMqYtcuUVU, a moment of pride for the miner and the entire community.
  • Confirmations: At the time of observation, this block had already amassed 1,480 confirmations, solidifying its place in the immutable ledger of the Whive blockchain.

This halving underscores our commitment to the protocol’s health and the equitable distribution of rewards within our ecosystem. It’s a reflection of our dedication to precision and unwavering adherence to the fundamental tokenomics outlined in the Whive Protocol Green Paper.

Version 22.2.2: Embracing Our Roots

The release of Version 22.2.2 represents more than a mere technical enhancement; it’s a celebration of our values and a stride towards reinforcing the economic framework that underpins the Whive Protocol. This version shines as a beacon of our resolve to uphold the principles that define our community and to cultivate a robust and equitable ecosystem for every member of the Whive family.

Key Highlights of the Update

  • Adherence to Original Tokenomics: This update ensures the Whive Protocol stays true to its foundational economic design, promoting stability and continued growth.
  • Community Empowerment: By aligning with our intended halving schedule, we guarantee a transparent and rewarding environment for our miners, enhancing community engagement and participation.
  • Protocol Integrity: This release reaffirms our dedication to the protocol’s enduring success and the trust the Whive community has placed in us.

Your Role in This Celebratory Moment

This significant update beckons the collective spirit of the Whive community. We invite every member, from the diligent miners to the steadfast node operators, to join us in embracing Version 22.2.2, ensuring a smooth transition to this enhanced iteration of our beloved protocol.

  • Immediate Action Required: The update is readily available on our GitHub repository as well as the official Releases. We urge our community to update their systems promptly.
  • Guidance and Support: For assistance with updating your nodes, please refer to our detailed guides for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.
  • Backup Existing Wallets: Remember to safeguard your coins; backup your existing wallet.dat file following this guide, here.

With Version 22.2.2, we are also streamlining our support to focus on Ubuntu versions 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) and later, ensuring a secure and efficient environment for Whive Protocol users. This strategic decision leverages the advanced features and security enhancements of newer Ubuntu releases. For detailed instructions on upgrading your Ubuntu system, please visit the official Ubuntu upgrade guide.

As we embark on this new chapter, let’s celebrate the unity and resilience of the Whive community. This update is not merely a reflection of our technical prowess but a recommitment to our collective vision and the enduring values that unite us.

Together, we forge ahead, building a decentralized future anchored in the ideals that birthed the Whive Protocol.

With heartfelt gratitude and excitement,

The Whive Protocol Core Developers



The Whive Protocol

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